Your Website’s Secret Weapon: Unleashing the Power of Technical SEO

Remember that website you poured your heart and soul into? The one with amazing content (you know, the stuff that keeps people up at night reading)? Well, imagine it being hidden in a maze – search engines can’t find it, and potential visitors get lost trying. That’s where technical SEO comes in as your website’s […] Read More

Shopify SEO: Missing Alt Text on Images for the Product Page

Shopify is known for making life easier when it comes to building a website but it doesn’t end there. They also make it easy to make sure we can implement the best SEO practices. One way of doing so is making sure that all of the products on your website have an alt attribute attached […] Read More

Shopify SEO: Missing/Updating Meta Descriptions

While the Shopify platform provides an easy solution for websites by making it simple for the customer who has no development knowledge to feel at ease jumping in and making some changes on their own, sometimes we get put in the situation where we might be lost at which next step to take. Even though […] Read More

Shopify SEO: Missing/Updating Meta Titles

The Shopify platform provides an easy solution for websites by making it simple for the customer who has no development knowledge to feel at ease jumping in and making some changes on their own website without the help of a developer. For SEO one of the most important things you should do is have Meta […] Read More

Shopify SEO: Fixing Duplicate Content Issues from Pagination

The Shopify platform provides an easy solution for many to manage their eCommerce sites. Shopify also offers out-of-the-box duplicate content issues which is not good for SEO ranking. Duplicate content negatively impacts ranking performance when multiple URLs are showing the same content. This forces Google to decide which URL to assign higher ranking to, and […] Read More

How to Rank Higher In Google: 6 Tips to Improve Your Site’s SEO

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Digital Marketing Tips for a Successful 2021

2020 and digital marketing have a lot in common: Full of change, requiring us to think on our feet and prepare for anything. Digital marketing will continue to be tested and have us think outside the box in 2021! Prepare for a successful year with these tips from our digital marketing specialists! Plan for the […] Read More

7 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Ecommerce Store

Get Started For your ecommerce website to have immediate and long term success, it needs a continual flow of new and returning visitors driven by deliberate ecommerce marketing techniques. The traffic that comes to your online store needs to be full of potential buyers. You might have the most well-designed ecommerce website on a popular […] Read More

3 Tips to Improve PPC Performance Almost Instantly

Whether you are a business owner or Marketing Manager, creating a successful Paid Advertising campaign can take a great deal of knowledge, experience, and the most important commodity we have: TIME. If your goal is creating awareness for your brand, increasing the number of visitors to your website, or just generating more leads for your […] Read More

How to Win During Tough Times: Digital Marketing Tips from our Experts

There is no secret, COVID-19 has impacted all businesses and have left some wondering, what’s next? In times like these, marketing can tend to take a backseat to other factors, which may appear more vital to your business. However, with internet traffic skyrocketing due to “work from home” orders, right now is an excellent opportunity […] Read More