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Preserving a Reputation

Biro Sales & Service

Since 1930, Biro Sales & Service has been supporting food processors, independent grocers, and restaurants throughout the United States. Biro provides food processing equipment, service, installation, and maintenance.

The Results

272% Increase In Total Sales

425% Increase In Online Orders

80% Decrease In Cost Per Acquisition On Google Ads

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The Problem

To support web sales and promotions for both Biro Sales and Biro Services, with a growing emphasis on product services and installation, owner Eric Biro turned to 42connect to implement a strategy to push the Biro name forward, promoting growth and maintaining their presence as a leader in the field.

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The Solution

Be More Visible Online

Through implementing PPC and call tracking 42connect helped Biro Sales & Service show up on search engines, increase ecommerce sales, and effectively attribute increased call volume to digital advertising efforts.

Services Provided

  • SEO
  • PPC - Paid search, Google shopping ads, remarketing ads
  • Call Tracking

Action Plan

  • Develop and deploy a digital marketing strategy to increase sales
  • Track inbound calls for service side of the business
  • Implement paid campaigns on search engines and display networks
    Case study screen shots

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