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Geartec is the large industrial gear manufacturing arm of United Stars Inc. Their primary emphasis is on heavy equipment that requires reliable gearing to keep operating. They specialize on Gear Machining and Industrial Gear Manufacturing.

The Results

86% Increase in New Users to the site

21% Increase in Organic Traffic

#5 "Industrial Gearbox Repair": Moved from #100 to #5 on Google

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The Problem

Geartec has been manufacturing gears for 30+ years, but their website wasn't reflecting it. Many businesses neglect their website, considering it as a necessary evil, but not crucial to their company's success. For Geartec, an outdated, poorly structured website was scaring potential customers away and wasn't in-tune with their overall growth strategy. The site was slow, and the content was outdated.

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The Solution

The First Step To Success Is...Showing Up

Geartec offers nationwide reliable, first-hand expertise, but their presence was obsolete.

Through a mix of web redesign, PPC, and SEO, 42connect helped them update their brand image, show up on search engines, and get new clients from online advertising.

Geartec explained that they needed to push their gearbox repair services to the next level. After reassessing their requirements and resources, we decided to implement a full SEO strategy for those specific keywords.

Thanks to our efforts, their ¨Gearbox Repair & Rebuild¨ page went from #100 to #5 on Google in 3 months, resulting in more qualified traffic and more online leads.

Services Provided

  • Website Design
  • Development
  • Paid advertising
  • SEO
  • PPC

Action Plan

  • Redesign website to improve user experience and conversions
  • Develop and deploy a digital marketing strategy to increase sales
  • Restructure and optimize paid search accounts
  • Implement a paid campaign on search engines and LinkedIn Ads
  • Increase web traffic and search rankings (SEO)
Case study screen shots

"We have been working with 42connect for several years now and could not be more satisfied. Beyond 42connect's response time and their pure professionalism, we are thrilled with their ability to produce real results for GearTec. We look forward to working with 42connect for years to come."

Kevin P

Kevin P., Sales Manager, Geartec

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