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The Original Mattress Factory

The Original Mattress Factory eliminates the middleman, manufacturing in their own factories and selling direct to consumer in their own stores. As a result, they offer high-quality mattresses and box springs with no extra markups.

The Results

21% Decreased Cost per Click

94% Increased Click Thru Rate

11% Increased Average Position

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The Problem

As a regional player, our client found it hard to profitably compete with the national competitors and big box stores. In addition, with more than 40 stores in 11 different markets, management of each individual campaign presented several issues including billing, marketing overlap, and overall digital consistency.

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The Solution

Getting More for Less

We completely restructured their paid search account, removing market overlaps whose search auctions had been competing against each other. We developed advertising consistency between each market while giving us the flexibility to cater ad copy testing, targeting options and conversion points to each showroom's goals.

  • Restructured AdWords accounts to focus on a highly targeted ad group
  • Developed scripts to standardize account optimization
  • Developed a local strategy using organic and paid search
  • Utilized call tracking to gauge the performance of the local strategy
Case study screen shots

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