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Help your business grow with social media marketing and management.

Do you love using social media? Or avoid it? Does your business or brand have a presence? Or none at all?

We understand the love/hate relationship.

Social media offers businesses and brands incredible opportunities to connect one-to-one with people. In fact, 54% of social browsers use social media to research products. Yet, social media channels like Facebook and Instagram also require constant attention and rich content: planning and communicating with your audience in targeted and thoughtful ways.

Do it right, and it can lead to big rewards: impressions, likes, shares, clicks, and conversions.

At 42connect, we understand social media because it’s ingrained into many of our digital media programs. We’ve grown right along with social media usage, assembling a team of social media marketing experts who know that the learning curve can be steep unless you stay a few steps ahead. We also understand how to take those “clicks” and create the rest of your digital campaign’s content to support it: a step critical in converting prospects into sales.

Need help getting started on social media or looking to take your social accounts to the next level? Our social media marketers can help!

You want to know the metrics. At 42connect, our in-house team will build a social media program and calendar customized to your business, your goals, and your needs. From Facebook posts to Instagram stories to YouTube videos, we can make it all happen for you. We’ll manage and execute every part of the journey, providing those all-essential media metrics along the way. Are people engaging with your content? Are users clicking to learn more? We use a custom strategy to cut through the clutter to give you valuable data and results for you and your stakeholders.

The 42connect Social Media Advantage:

  • Our workflow management tool provides visibility and accountability into your social market: making it easy for you to approve and stay current on what’s coming and how it aligns with your audience and your social strategy.

  • Our easy-to-use online approval software allows you to approve all posts from a computer or mobile device—preventing surprises from hitting your timeline without a “thumbs up” from you first!

  • We take care of every detail: Our social media marketers can help plan out your content calendar each month, write relevant content, curate and design imagery, schedule social posts, and create monthly reporting; all the while improving and adjusting content per your strategy.

The 42connect Process

We sweat the online stuff, so you don’t have to. You know your business, we know digital marketing. Together, we’ll tailor a unique solution for you. Every business has unique pain points, like customer growth, in-store traffic or national competitors. Our in-house team builds and creates attention grabbing work that represents your brand and converts. It doesn't stop there though! We’ll review each report with your team and pivot as needed. Even successful campaigns can be improved.

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My business is falling behind - I need a social media marketing strategy

Did you know 71% of consumers who have had a positive experience with a brand on social media are likely to recommend the brand to their friends and family?

I have social media, but no time to manage it - Help me!

Did you know the top two leading benefits of social media marketing were found to be increased exposure and increased traffic?

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Social Media Marketing and Management Services

From 100% oversight, creation and management to à la carte social media planning and more, we offer a variety of services that we can tailor to your social needs. We truly understand the rules and best practices for today’s most popular platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and Pinterest, while researching and watching for the next great network to launch—so you won’t be left behind.

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Social Media Strategy

Need to create a buzz or just create some brand awareness? Looking to become an expert in your field or drive leads to your website? Social media serves many purposes. Determining how to achieve your desired outcomes isn’t always easy. We will assess your business, market, and goals to develop a strategy to get you there.

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Organic Social Media Management

With a solid strategy in place, now is the time to become a “producer” of content. Social media posts should flow naturally, not feel forced. We’ll take care of ideation, content creation, and scheduling your social posts so you can focus on your business.

Auditing and Reporting Icon
Auditing and Reporting

We produce monthly metrics and market updates so you can see clearly how your accounts are performing. We also map out our projections for how to best boost your numbers for the future.

Social Media Monitoring and Listening Icon
Social Media Monitoring and Listening

We are your eyes and ears: tracking social media mentions, conversations and hashtags on all social platforms and digital news sources. We’ll also create a strategy to use SOV (Share of Voice) to your brand’s advantage.

Crisis Management Icon
Crisis Management

We help you respond to issues before they escalate. Our team will offer 24/7 monitoring to respond to negative reviews, social media comments, DMs, and false claims.

Reputation Management Icon
Reputation Management

Your social media account is a direct reflection of your brand. We help you manage your reputation across all social platforms, including monitoring competitive accounts. We’ll help you respond to issues with targeted responses – with templated responses or customized messages.

Social Branding and Design Icon
Social Branding and Design

What’s your social media identity look and feel like? We can help it match your brand and keep it fresh with custom, branded social post templates, banners, profile images, and more.

Paid Social Media Ads and Boosted Posts Icon
Paid Social Media Ads and Boosted Posts

We’ll help you devise marketing strategies to reach your customers: from paid post boosting and sponsored content to full-on social media advertising.

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What Makes Our Team Different?

Our team is not only passionate about getting our clients more online leads or website sales – it’s all we do. It’s our singular focus, which allows us to help you drive targeted traffic to your website. We’ll make sure your website delivers, using proven and tested digital marketing strategies. Whether your goal is to drive qualified leads, improve conversions, increase impressions and sales – or all of the above – we know how to measure and maneuver to get you there.

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Custom Social Media Templateschecked Boxchecked Boxchecked Box
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Reputation ManagementUnchecked Boxchecked Boxchecked Box
Social Media AuditUnchecked Boxchecked Boxchecked Box
Monthly CallUnchecked Boxchecked Boxchecked Box
Social Listening and MonitoringUnchecked Boxchecked Boxchecked Box
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Community EngagementUnchecked BoxUnchecked Boxchecked Box
Social ContestsUnchecked BoxUnchecked Boxchecked Box
Brainstorm SessionsUnchecked BoxUnchecked Boxchecked Box
Organic Social Media CampaignsUnchecked BoxUnchecked Boxchecked Box
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