Shopify SEO: Missing Alt Text on Images for the Product Page

Shopify is known for making life easier when it comes to building a website but it doesn’t end there. They also make it easy to make sure we can implement the best SEO practices. One way of doing so is making sure that all of the products on your website have an alt attribute attached to their images.

The alt attributes of an image is commonly referred to as ‘alt tag’ or ‘alt text’. Text in the alt attribute of images is seen as text on the page and will help Google better understand the page a little bit better beyond the standard image search. These attributes also allow you to add textual descriptions of your image, which can help match you with the right customer for your business by informing search engine crawlers to allow them to index an image properly.

So now that we’ve already mentioned that setting alt text for images is very important for SEO and is a key contributing search engine ranking factor, let’s make sure our site has them added!


The Shopify CMS Solution

Once we have logged into our Shopify store we will go to the Products section in the left hand dashboard. When the list of products populates you will choose the product you want to add the alt text to.

Scroll down the products page to the images and click on any image available. You should see a pop up of the Image along with a link labeled “Add alt text”. Click that link, enter your alt text and then click “Save alt text”. You can now close out of the product media preview and save the product.


This might not be the only SEO improvement you need to make on your Shopify site, but by understanding the meta title and the available solutions you’ll put your site in a more favorable ranking with search engines.

Our hope is that this gives you the knowledge to implement these changes yourself, or leads you in the right direction to creating your customized solution.

If you have tried this update and it did not work for you and you are not a developer or don’t have the support to solve these issues on your own, contact us! We are ready to help.