Expert Tips To Improve Google Search Ads

Are you optimizing your Google Search ads for peak performance? By using the correct strategies when writing copy and headlines for search advertisements, your ads are more likely to win at auction and show above organic search results!

Ad Headline Optimizations
Google expanded text ads have three headline options each per ad with up to a maximum of 30 characters. Be sure to use all three headline options to increase quality score and have more places to use keywords.

Call to Action Placement
Dedicating one headline to a call to action gives your audience a sense of direction and a next step of what to do once they click on the ad. For hyperlocal clients include the city where the service they are searching for is located (also review your geo targeting if needed).

Pose Questions
In recent years with the help of voice command technology, asking a question as a search term has become increasingly popular. By using a headline to pose a question, the audience may be more inclined to click on the ad (extra points if it’s a high volume question).

Title Case, Best Case
Writing in title case (or capitalizing the first letter in every word) has been shown in studies to increase click-through-rate of ads. This is a simple optimization for headlines and descriptions which can easily increase your results!

Expert Tip:
Beware of excessive capitalization such as FREE SHIPPING, this will trigger a review for “professionalism” and Google may reject the ad!

Ad Copy Optimizations
Copy (referred to as descriptions in Google) have two description lines each holding up to 90 characters. Ensure use of both description options to increase the quality score of the advertisement.

Call to Action Placement
The first description should always include the call to action, depending on the ad space the second description may not be shown.

Use Landing Page Copy
Use copy from the landing page to increase ad relevance and quality score to rank higher in auction. By reusing copy, you’re being more efficient and not duplicating your work while also creating a flow of consistent information for the user.

Punctuation is Essential
Punctuation is important! Use correct punctuation as you would in any other copywriting. Do not go overboard on exclamation points, using excessive exclamation or question marks will put the ad at risk for disapproval. One per ad looks cleaner and doesn’t read as aggressively.

Keyword Use Overview
Placing keywords in headlines, copy, and URL paths increases the relevancy of an advertisement which can result in ranking higher at auction, ultimately showing your ad to prospective customers!

  • Minimum one headline per ad should include a keyword
  • All ad URL paths should include a keyword, this is just another small touchpoint which can have a big impact on your quality score
  • Landing pages should include keywords or relevant phrases which the ad is using, we spoke about ad copy

By using the above optimizations in conjunction with other capabilities in Google Ads such as extensions and responsive search ads, your campaigns can perform stronger!

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