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5 Digital Marketing Trends You Need to Know

Every business should adapt its strategy to fit their specific needs because trying to copy others usually ends up in failure. You’ll want to consider many factors when it comes to your digital marketing strategy such as company size, budget, team structure, objectives, type of customers, and tools.

Our team of experts is sharing five digital marketing trends that you should know to help grow your online presence and achieve business goals.


Ranking on Google Search Results

In 2020, SEO will be an essential aspect of digital marketing. SEO is continuing to shift, though, because the way people are using Google is changing. I’ve even noticed the way I searched on Google in the last few months has changed. Ranking number one on search engine page results should no longer be the primary goal for you. Position Zero, also known as Featured Snippets, is becoming the ideal place to rank on Google.

According to webfx, “Position Zero results allow you to leapfrog the first position to earn even more clicks and site traffic. While site owners have worried that direct answers would reduce clicks, research has shown the opposite, with P0 holders reporting a boost in click-through rates (CTR).


Programmatic Display Ads

If you want to be on top of your game, watch for programmatic, that’s only going to grow.

Programmatic is intended to create more efficiency for both buyers and sellers. It’s based on RTB (Real Time Bidding), which creates an auction environment where different marketers can bid to show a different ad to a specific user based on data about that user. RTB has the promise of delivering the right ad to the right person at the right time.

While many marketers are still trying to figure out programmatic display advertising, there is no doubt that the use of this automated tool needs to be part of your strategy.

According to Emarketer, this year, the majority of US digital display ad dollars (86.3%) will transact programmatically, and this form of automation has already taken over the main European markets.

How to implement it in your business? You can either try to learn more about it and do it yourself or, our advice: outsource your digital marketing efforts! It will save you lots of headaches, valuable time, and, ultimately, money.


Influencer posting on social media

We’ve all hit the “unfollow” button when one of our favorite stars became a “living ads machine”, imagine this x10 when the influencer doesn’t even provide value to your life through writing great songs or acting in movies you love. Cute pictures and nice landscapes are not enough anymore.

As the world becomes a more globalized space with no digital boundaries, people are tending to go back to local, not only on their daily shopping behaviors (local coffee shop, local supermarket, local clothing brand) but also online.

A social media “micro-influencer” can bring more value to your business as they tend to get more engagement from their niche or local community. Why? They are more authentic, more accessible and have a more targeted audience.

If influencers can promote the product or service you sell, try to find the ones who focus on that niche, or that are killing it in the local scene, and ask them for a partnership or collaboration.


Amazon on mobile smartphone

Most of the consumers looking for a specific product skip Google and search directly on Amazon. Although some reports state that its growth is slowing down, the giant is at the top of the chain and, according to Jumpshot, has more than 80% market share across numerous categories.

Playing the Amazon game is not easy, and many different rules could apply to your specific business. There are thousands of videos on how to “Make it on Amazon”.

Don’t be fooled; there is a lot of potential but even more competition, so study your market and product very well before spending your dollars in the platform.


Artificial Intelligence (AI) Alexa

Do you share your life with Alexa? Our modern version of Rosie the Robot from The Jetsons lives with over 100 million Americans, and the number is only rising. With Google Home and Apple AI products on the rise, AI is rapidly making its way into being a must-have in all households.

With voice recognition being the latest, useful tool, marketers need to keep their eyes open to optimize their content and advertising efforts towards voice search.

According to ComScore, this year, 50% of the searches will be voice searches. As Siri and Alexa become more prevalent, the language used for searches is changing; hence, the SEO strategy.

Your online content should be optimized for conversational language, and using the 5 Ws will be a must (who, what, when, where, and why- in case you needed that refresh).

Chatbots have been a trend for years now, but they have made their way to being a staple of digital marketing efforts. Customers enjoy the live chat service more than ever, and, depending on your type of business, it is a great idea to implement it.

Keep in mind these digital marketing trends when planning your online strategy, and remember this recipe: authenticity is in, consistency is key, and simplicity is always more. Don’t forget to mention us if you share this article with your friends, and let us know if we can help you grow your business online!