2018 Getty Images’ Visual Trends

This year’s visual trends have been framed in a (perhaps) unexpected manner. Get real insight into Getty Images’ Visual Trends of 2018.

The worlds of marketing and design are in constant flux – stay ahead of the curve but remain reactionary; rooted in tradition but agile enough to branch out into new realms. Never forget the tried and true: everything old is new again. Getty images remains one of the most trusted and reliable sources for creative innovation and inspiration for today’s leading art directors and marketing houses. Nothing in marketing is more reliable than hard facts (errr, clicks), and Getty analyzed more than 1 billion (with a B) searches and millions of downloads to help produce their ongoing recommendations.

They outlined 3 primary visual trends in 2018 to keep in mind for that next product refresh or website redesign: Second Renaissance; Conceptual Realism; and Masculinity Undone. Every category is in itself, exactly what the reader would expect: a modernized take on an existing norm, each referencing either an artistic framework or social construct.

Second Renaissance

This trend reflects the airy and quiet imagery seen in the “selfie generation.” Each life (and project) is a story — capable of high brow presentation and supported by today’s technology. Classic narratives are fresh to be revisited, spun and open to satire or homage.

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Conceptual Realism

More marketing (concept) than existence (hence, the “ism”), this trend pushes the boundaries of expectations and allows the designer and creator to redefine reality through the methodology and venue. Making the imaginary so “real” or an environment “virtual” yet open to exploration has been a long time coming, but the marriage and syncing of both abstract (theory) and tangibility (execution) is now more in the creator’s grasp than ever before. Thanks to technological advancement, creatives are able to welcome the viewer along on the joyride . . . just don’t expect anyone to “accept” things at face value.

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Masculinity Undone

Down with the Patriarchy! Up with hu­man­ity! So Getty takes a pretty grim stance here referencing over 50 suicides (yikes), incompetency and impotency (eh), and stereotyping (I do like the term “hunk­vertising” though), . . but the overarching takeaway is the fluidity of traditional presentation. Genders­ be that in norms, advertising, or expected roles for the players/parts (type, photography, interaction) are no longer to be treated as stringently as before. Opening up your clients’ horizons (and in the marketing sense, ­casting the net wider than ever before), may be just the ticket to capitalize on the blurry gender landscape of the twenty­-something. Script fonts, wispy photography and palettes featuring pink and violet along with floral and paisley patterns continue to reinforce delicacy and vulnerability, but may no longer risk turning away 50% of the viewers. Hashtag life­styles, hashtag honesty.

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